Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 42 Decorative Stitches

I love playing with decorative stitches and
on the Opal, we find that we have quite a few stitches that we can play with. A little
tip, when you sew them out, they’re going to look so much better. They just looking
at those pictures on the top of the machine. So give yourself some fabric, put a little
stabilizer underneath, and start stitching them out. What I would recommend is a row
each of the decorative stitches. Now, as you get going, you’re going to find that you can
use the start-stop button, then you don’t even have to hold your presser foot down.
If it’s sewing a little too fast for you, you can always reduce the speed down just
a little bit so you can enjoy how the stitches actually coming out. When you’re ready for
it to stop, just go ahead and push the stop button and it will finish the decorative stitch
at the end of the pattern, something I use all the time. We’ll just let it finish out
here and let’s see what we have. Lock in stitches, and stop. That much prettier
that looks sewn out that just a little tiny picture on your screen. Now, most of the decorative
stitches are going to recommend the B-foot. B-foot has that channel underneath so all
the stitches have a place to go, they don’t get piled up. It also has red marks right
even with the needle. If we’re going to start all the rows at the same point, I would recommend
drawing the line. You draw a line right there, then you all have a starting point the same.
Now, you can always put the presser foot right next to the stitch that you just did or you
could use one of the optional guides that you can purchase. This would go right into
the back. It just slides in, no screws have to be loosened here, and we could use, let’s
say, up against the edge of the presser foot for nice even stitches, or once you get a
couple rows going, you might even put that even with the previous row that you’ve just
stitched. You just keep that going right along the edge. Let’s go ahead and just put that there. I’m
going to go ahead and arrow to my next stitch, so that was row 4, stitch number 1. If I go
ahead and go ahead and do to the next stitch number 2, and let it start the stitch. I like
that start and stop button, then I can talk while not having those step on the foot control.
Another I’d like to do is actually adjust the tension down to right up here. I removed
it down to about 3 and a half, just anything less than what the normal setting is and then
those stitches are going to pull to the backside and really make your top look the best that
they can be. This is so relaxing. I could probably do this
all day long just watch those decorative stitches sew. If you really want to have some fun,
put some very good thread on and enjoy having a stitch book of all your stitches that will
have a little bit of flare to them. That’s my goal for you is take the time to sew them
out and check out the video on the memory and how you can start to combine these stitches
together to get new stitches so your machine is not limited at all.