Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 57 Tapering Stitches

Have you heard of tapering stitches? Tapering
satin stitches allows for the, kind of looks like a corner of a picture frame to begin
or end. What if we were to take it and use it in conjunction with decorative stitches? If you go to your stitch menu and go down
to the Z menu, all of these stitches are tapering stitches. Starting off from the zigzag, stitch
number one, you’re going to notice there is a new symbol. This is for tapering. This will allow you to select the beginning
taper and the ending taper of your design. Right now you’ll notice that the degree is
90 degree for the beginning and the end. You can see what it’s going to look like. If we were to change it to 30 degrees at the
beginning and 30 degrees at the end, here we go, you will see that it will have a different
look. That is all fine and fun with the satin stitch, but what about these other stitches? If we were to take stitch number two, do you
notice what it does? You can change these to have unique looks and what I like is you
can see these before you actually stitch them out. You can decide if you like the look before
sampling lots of times on your fabric. Then if you don’t want anything at the end,
you can just pick off. For example, if we were stitching, now once you start, the part
that is tapered is pre-set here. Then your machine will stitch as long as you require
it to sew. Notice the reverse button is also on this
screen. That means that as soon as you touch this then it will begin to taper of the angle
you have selected for the end. That is how you determine how long you want the design
to stitch. You’ve got all sorts of different options
and looks depending on which stitch you actually choose. You can see by the samples they kind
of turned out kind of fun, so use these. Some will look a little bit different than others.
How fun is that? It is a neat way to twist and make your decorative stitches a lot different
than everybody else’s.