The Hurdle Knit Stitch Pattern. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and thank you for joining me here at Studio Knit where today we are
going to knit up this Hurdle knit stitch pattern it resembles little hurdles like
what you jump in track class or what horses jump over it knits up with a
really thick texture and easily lies perfectly flat it’s a 4 row repeat
and it’s actually a combination we do 2 rows in the Garter stitch and
2 rows of the 1×1 rib stitch to create the Hurdle stitch it’s an easy level
project perfect for all of you who completed my ABSOLUTE BEGINNER KNITTING SERIES and we are just using knits and purls. it is a reversible pattern
meaning that both the front and the back side of your work the right and wrong
are totally identical and for our materials we are going to be
using yarn you can use any size you’d like appropriately sized knitting
needles of course you want to have scissors and a tapestry needle on hand
if you’d like to know the exact materials I’m using this video I will
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written pattern you can head on over to my website I have a link in the
description below the pattern is written out there for you totally for free I’ve
also included a knitting chart so if you’d like to start learning how to read
charts then these simple patterns are a great way to start doing that this
pattern is also included in my KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK available for purchase over on Etsy it’s a downloadable PDF that you can print out
you also can have it saved on any mobile device or desktop as well so let’s and
knit it up we begin with our beloved Slip Knot and then we cast on in
multiples of two I’m using the longtail cast on method
and you just cast on two-by-two until you have the number of stitches that
you’d like on your needle for your project I have a total of 24 here and
Row 1 it’s simply knitting all the way down
the row so if you have ever done the garter stitch that’s where you knit
every single stitch these first two rows are actually the Garter stitch so Row
one is just knitting all the way down the row and then when we get to road two
we’re doing the exact same thing we are just doing the knit stitch all the way
down the row and these two rows of knit stitch are just like the Garter stitch
so it’s really simple it doesn’t get much more simple than this so now let’s
switch it up on Row three we’re knitting one and purling one and you’ll see those
little asterisks that means we repeat so here’s knit one and then we bring our
yarn to the front because we are purling one and since this pattern is between
those asterisks we take our yarn to the back and we knit one that’s K one again
and bring our yarn to the front and that is purl one and we continue this pattern
of Row three all the way down the row and on row four we’re doing the exact
same thing so if you have ever done the one by one rib stitch that’s what we’re
actually doing here on rows three and four so as you can see the hurdal stitch
is a combination of the Garter and the one-by-one
knit stitch patterns and once you’re done with Row 4 you start it up again on
Row 1 and knit up until your piece is the length you desire I hope you are
inspired to give this hurdle knit stitch pattern a try
here’s a video that I think you’ll really enjoy watching next
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course wake up this video and I will see you next time guys bye