How To Use Brother XL2600 Sewing Machine- Easy Sewing Tips Tricks Hacks

how to sew with brother sewing machine how to thread brother sewing machine how to wind bobbin on brother sewing machine what kind of bobbin to use in brother sewing machine features of brother sewing machine hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you looking for a simple yet sturdy sewing machine well I bought this Brother XL 2610 online from Joann Fabrics a little over a year ago almost a year and a half this thing has been a complete work horse I love it it was 100 dollars delivered to my home and I have used it to make costumes to mend things sew things from jeans to nylon fabrics things for camping I have used this sewing machine it is incredible how sturdy this little Brother sewing machine is if you are looking for a inexpensive long lasting sewing machine for just doing everyday sewing look for the Brother xl 2610 let me show you a few of the features I have stored it in the box simply because I do not have a dedicated sewing place so I can toss it in the box with a few accessories and stuff it in the back of the closet one of the things I always store with it is a power cord that way no matter where I want to plug it in even if there is not an empty outlet I can plug that in and plug back in any other lamp or anything else that I need at the same time it came with this little pouch and all of these little tools which is handy and it came with extra needles and things and it came with a book that shows you what everything was and it is extremely simple and easy to follow it also came with this slide in part here that you can snap it in and have a larger sewing surface and you can store all the tools from the pouch in there I don’t ever use this when I am sewing it doesn’t seem necessary but it is handy that it gave me a spot to store things I just keep the tools in here you can see how nicely they fit and you could slide it on there but I just keep it in the box it came with a nice set of directions which are extremely clear and easy to understand when I put it away I simply wrap the cord around let me show you I am going to unwrap it and show you how to plug it in and how it works the cord simply plugs in here on the back just push it in and you can hear it click and it has 2 cords one of the cords leads to the foot pedal so put that on the floor below your machine the other half of the cord is the electrical cord and you plug that straight into your outlet or I am going to plug it in to my power strip once you plug it in you hit the switch and it is on You can tell it is on because the light is on place the pedal on the floor with the larger end going away where your toes are and the lower end by your heel when you are ready to sew step on it with your toe and that is how you operate your machine look at all the stitching patterns you can do and it even does button holes which I have made some button holes and they were totally fine the numbers tell you like this says 2 and you set this on this one says 13 so you come over here and set it on 13 you turn the dial to get the stitch that you want I mostly just sew on 2 it’s straight or 3 that zigzags I know it has all the others but all I am really interested in are 2 and 3 it completely does what I like it makes button holes sews straight and zig zags and I guess I did use the 4 or 5 to put in a blind hem and that totally worked as well too it is so simple this is a very simple sewing machine and it can do any basic things that you want to do if you want your stitches, say you want to do a button hole it has 1 then it tells you the other things and that is when you would turn this one in here to do the other parts it is so simple it even has directions right here on the top to show you how to wind the bobbin these are the bobbins that it takes it says 12 class 66 bobbins they are little clear things they are kind of oval curvy and that is what they look like when you want to wind the bobbin stick the bobbin right on here then whatever thread you want to use it doesn’t matter you come to this knob and wind it to the back then take your thread and stick it up into one of the little holes on the bobbin that is the hardest part getting the thread in the little hole then you slide this over and step on your pedal hold the thread and step on the pedal then you can see the part you put through needs to be trimmed off and the rest of the thread is going onto the bobbin take your scissors trim the extra lead thread off and then trim your bobbin to release it from your thread and you are ready to thread your machine and begin to sew threading is simple because it has all the directions you pull out your thread and then you come along the back and pull it down through this big metal opening come down on this side and up on this side then when you get it through here you maneuver this so that it goes through the little hook there now bring it down and thread the needle move the arm so the needle is up thread it goes from the front to the back now let me zoom in see how that works on here go under and through this little hole that is the only part that could be at all tricky then down the front to load your bobbin push this see this little square push it back and this pops off and there are simple directions right here you take your bobbin with the thread coming out on the right hand side drop it in follow the arrow pull the thread through then take your little piece and stick it back in hold the thread from your needle and turn the wheel and it captures the thread and you pull it up now you have the needle and the bobbin thread and you want a long tail and you are ready to sew how easy is that do you love it this is so simple if you were really going to sew of course your thread should match your fabric but since this is just for demonstration I will show it to you with a different color so put your fabric under the presser foot and reach up here and flip that down and now it is holding the fabric in place now come over here to this button this makes it go back wards hold this down and hang on to the threads so they don’t get tangled back in the machine and go back a few stitches to lock it in and then go forward look at that you are sewing just guide it through when you reach the end of your seam push this down go backwards a little to lock in the stitches turn the knob over here if you want to stop bring the needle up flip this up it pulls up the foot pull out the thread and trim it you are sewing that is a seam this Brother XL 2610 sewing machine is simple it is sturdy and it works great I have spent lots of hours making covers for patio cushions sewing up jeans making costumes for my grandson and just all kinds of mending and things like that this is a little workhorse if you are looking for a inexpensive and sturdy machine check out the Brother XL 2160 sewing machine you will not be disappointed please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel