How to Use a Seam Guide | Sewing Machine

Hi. I’m Jennifer from Workroom Social. Now let’s talk about how to use a seam guide
on your sewing machine. Whenever you’re sewing, the goal is always
to sew a straight line, right? You don’t want to be kind of wavy and zigzaggy
all over the place. On your sewing machine, on your throat plate,
you should have a seam guide. What that is is markings that tell you distance
of your stitch, from the needle to wherever you’re sewing. Generally, we work with our fabric on the
left and then we’re going to use the gauges on the right. It’s the same, the gauges on the left and
right of the needle. Just to look here: this is 3/8″, 4/8″ or 1/2″,
5/8″, and 6/8″. If for some reason you don’t have a seam guide,
I like to take a little bit of artist’s tape, which is a low-tack tape. And you can use it to create your own seam
guide. If I’m going to do 5/8″ seam allowance, I’ll
just put that right on there. You can use a ruler to measure from your needle
point to 5/8″ on your ruler and put your tape down. Now, you’ll take your fabric, fabric to the
left, seam guide to the right. Lift your presser foot, and put your presser
foot back down so that the edge of your fabric is right along that seam guide right there. Then you can just start sewing. You can see, as I’m sewing, I’m letting the
feed dogs, which are the little, tiny teeth that are underneath your presser foot, I’m
letting them kind of pull the fabric. But with my hands I’m keeping the fabric straight
with that seam guide. Now, we can see we have a nice, straight line
that’s parallel from our raw edge. That’s how you use a seam guide.