How to Use a Rotary Cutter | Quilting

Now we’re going to talk about rotary cutters. They’re a wonderful invention. They really speed up the quilting process
and make everything much more precise. It’s a great tool. This is my favorite rotary cutter. It has an ergonomic handle. The blade isn’t exposed unless you squeeze
the handle. It also has a lock on the blade. I would say if you have small children in
the house, you definitely want to get one of these. It’s a really good idea. The other thing I want to say is the blades
are incredibly sharp. They’re like razors. So, you really have to be careful when you
use them. Having said that, I couldn’t live without
it. They make a lot of different brands. They also come in different sizes. The small size is nice and easy for cutting
curves. It slides around curved rulers really well. The extra large size, 60 millimeters, is good
for cutting a lot of layers. If you need to cut a lot of things quickly,
this is the rotary cutter that you would want. This is the original straight handle rotary
cutter. The blade is only exposed once you pull down
the cutter, so you have to remember to do that. That’s why I like this one, no memory involved. Just squeeze and its exposed. Let go and it’s back in its place. They also do have different kinds of blades
for rotary cutters. You can make different shapes. This is scallop, if you have a pinking blade. The blades are really easy to replace. You just unscrew the little nut in the back. Take the pieces off. Pop in a new blade and you have a new blade
that’s sharp and ready to go. To use a rotary cutter, I usually line up
my fabric on the mat. I take my ruler and figure out how big I want
my strip to be. Gently, but firmly press and cut away from
you. You always want to cut away from you. Those are the basics of using a rotary cutter.