How to Use a Buttonhole Foot on the EverSewn Sparrow 25 Sewing Machine | SEWING REPORT

are you one of those people who’s
intimidated by your sewing machines buttonhole foot well not anymore I’m
gonna demonstrate right now welcome to the Sewing Report I’m
Jennifer Moore and you know for a long time I was really scared to use this
buttonhole foot and I thought if I made like a shirt with buttons on it I would
mess it up but I’m gonna show you how to use it on the ever sown sparrow 25 and
hopefully it’ll be a little bit less scary for you this is a one-step
buttonhole foot so you’re just gonna put your button in this little slot here and
then snap it into place and that will automatically create the right sized
buttonhole for you all right so now what you’re gonna do is put the foot in here
it’ll just snap into place like this there’s a little lever on the side and
this is just for the buttonhole feature you’re just gonna want to push this down
okay so now you have to select your stitch and I’m going to select stitch
eight right here and that’s buttonhole okay so now we’ve got the buttonhole
here and now I’m gonna pick my stitch length and width and I want my
buttonholes to be kind of concentrated so I’m going to turn down the stitch
length two point three I’m going to have a stitch width of about four so let’s
try that out and see what happens okay so now what you’re gonna do is put
your fabric under the presser foot I’m using fabric that has interfacing on it
in a lot of applications like shirts they will probably have interfacing on
it already and this will help give the buttonhole a
little bit more stability if you are trying to get your buttonhole in a
certain place you can make a mark like so say I was trying to have my
buttonhole be in this exact spot we could do that said now we’re just going
to line this up so you see I’m lining it up or right at the beginning here ok so
now what we’re going to do is hit start start sewing all right that’s it okay so you can see
my mark lined up with the left hand side of my buttonhole stitching and then so
the next time I just need to make sure that when I’m starting I’m studying a
little bit to the left of my line but this is why we practice on scraps on the
back you can see this interfacing really helped keep the stitching stable so
definitely not a bad looking buttonhole but we’re gonna try this one more time
I’m just gonna make another mark about right here and we’re just we’re just
sort of guesstimating this so it’s not exact but I just want to try to see if I
can line this up better the next time first time I had my needle start right
in the middle but from practicing I now know that I’m going to start my needle a
little bit to the left of this marker line so that’s something that you can do
is just practice with your foot because every machine is gonna be different as
far as where this line is starting so we’re just gonna do this again but this
time try to get the line in the very center of the buttonhole rather than to
the left so let’s try this one more time and see if we can line this up a little
bit better but again this is why you need to practice with your foot you
really want to get comfortable with your foot and kind of start to really
understand your machine okay so I think I got this lined up pretty well there we
go this is definitely this is definitely better okay I think this is gonna line up pretty
nicely alright and here’s our buttonhole
alright let’s take this out again trim off the threads just trimming these
off and we’ll take a look at this second buttonhole attempt this one definitely
worked out better although my line is a little to the right ok and then we are
going to try this again but not we’re gonna put it a little bit more to the
center than I did last time so we’re gonna start it right we’re just gonna
have it be touching the line almost my marking line is right in the middle
and you can see it took me a few attempts to really get it right this is
why it’s good to practice first get out that buttonhole foot and start
practicing and if you like these types of videos feel free to subscribe to the
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I’m Jennifer Moore and I will see you next time you