How To Thread the Bobbin on KENMORE Sewing Machine Model 12

Hi Guys! Today I will show you how to bring the bottom thread up I am using sewing machine Kenmore model 12 First I remove the bottom tray Open the cover to access the bottom bobbin Open the latch and pull the bobbin out Pull thread away from you Guide bobbin into the bobbin case Pull thread under tension spring as show Pull the latch out and hold it This will keep the bobbin lock in the bobbin case Insert case into the shuttle and release latch Pull thread to give a few inches from the bobbin Grab the wheel on the right of sewing machine and turn toward you Keep rotate the wheel toward you until the bottom thread in this position Pull the top thread. It should form a loop and catch bottom thread up I just use a small fork and pull the bottom thread up Put back the cover and we ready to sew Thank you for watching my videos Please leave a comment and I will see you in next video