How to Sew Zigzag Patterns : Repair a Hole in a T-Shirt With Zigzag Stitch Techniques

On behalf of, I am Jennifer
with A Perfect Fit Alterations. We’re located at 102 S. Main Street in Burleson, Texas.
Our phone number is 817-447-3522. Today I am going to show you in this clip how to repair
your favorite t-shirt, which this is my favorite t-shirt. I have a hole at the bottom of my
favorite t-shirt. I’m going to show you how to use the zigzag stitch to repair that
hole, so the hole doesn’t get bigger and you can wear your t-shirt longer. Now I’ve
had this t-shirt for probably 10 years. I’ve taken some interfacing and I’ve ironed it
on the back of the hole; this is going to stabilize the fabric so when I do my zigzag
stitch it’s not going to gum the fabric all up. I’ve chosen a color of a turquoise,
which is roughly the same color as the t-shirt—it’s not exact but it’s a pretty good match—and
I’m going to use a little heavier foot, I’m going to use your regular, a regular
sewing foot. I’ve got two holes here, one here and one here, that I’m going to repair.
Now I’m going to use a small zigzag, a narrow zigzag stitch, and I’m going to go forward.
Now on that stitch we need a little wider, and then I’m going to hit the reverse key
and go backwards and I’m going to do this over the hole, back and forth over the hole.
You can hit the reverse key as you’re going, you don’t have to stop. And just cover the
hole with the thread as best I can.
Clip off my threads, and go to my next hole. This one’s a little bigger, so you’ll
be able to see a little bit better. Hit your reverse key. Now if your thread isn’t covering
enough of the hole, you can make your stitches closer together, stitched length closer together,
and just go back and forth over the hole…and that’s how you use your zigzag stitch to
repair your favorite t-shirt.