How to Sew Zigzag Patterns : Adding a Four Hole Button Using a Zigzag Stitch

On behalf of, I am Jennifer
with A Perfect Fit Alterations. We’re located at 102 S. Main Street in Burleson, Texas.
Our phone number is 817-447-3522. We are now going to add a four hole button and we’re
going to put a button for his nose. Now you can do this several different ways. You can
set the machine up to where you can go across like this, or you can set it up where you
can go the front holes and then the back holes. We’re going to do this across a little trickier
going across. Now you dropped your feed dogs like in the previous clip, and we’re going
to go across on the zigzag. Now you got to be real patient here; you can’t do this
if you’re in a hurry. Position your button, and we’re working with a four hole button
here. Now you see how it’s hitting there again. We’ve got to do a little adjustment,
so you’re going to go down on your zigzag; sometimes you have to pick it up and move
it over just a little bit…and you want to get it in there just right. Use your hand
wheel and turn it just like we did on the previous button. This is a little wider zigzag
and a different button because we’re going cross ways on this button—the other button
we went side to side. Then we’re going to turn the fabric and we’re going to go on
the other side. Now your width should be right, but see right—if we would have started right
away, we would hit the button and broke the needle. You want to make sure to pick your
pressure foot up, move it over a little, make sure that it’s getting in the holes. Now
you can use this for putting buttons on shirts. This is a shirt button and it’ll save you
a lot of hand sewing time. Okay and we have put the button on cross ways.