How to Sew Overall Buckles – Adjustable

Are you creating overalls and aren’t sure
how to add the buckles on your straps? You’re in luck because this video will show you how
to install the buckles and buttons to make it adjustable. Let’s get started. There are three parts to using this type of
fastener. You should have a slide buckle, the overall buckle and the button with tack. Just a note, I had to buy the slide buckles
separate from the overall buckle and button. In addition to your sewing machine and pins,
you’ll also need a hammer for installing the buttons. Check the package for the recommended width
of the finished strap. My package says for 1” straps. Use this information to make your straps accordingly.
I’m cutting out my straps 2” wide to account for a ½” hem allowance on each side. The length of your strap can be more flexible
because we’re making it adjustable and it also depends on your overall pattern. I would
make the straps at least ten inches longer than the exact measurement over your shoulder.
You can also cut down the strap if you need to later. First I’m going to hem on each of the long
sides of my straps. On each side, I’ll fold ¼” and then another ¼” making my finished
strap width 1”. Pin the hem into place. At your sewing machine, stitch along the bottom
edge of the hem using a straight stitch. Don’t forget to backstitch at the ends. One end of each strap will get sewn to the
top of the back of your overalls. Consult your pattern directions on how to do this.
I’ll be sewing mine with a ⅝” seam allowance and then top stitching. Now it’s time to add our fasteners. With
the strap right side up, slip on the slide buckle. The strap should go over the center
bar. Next you’ll be putting on the overall buckle.
The strap should still be right side up, with it going over the center two bars and around
to the back. Flip the strap to the wrong side and slip
the end under the center bar of the slide buckle. Make sure to pull the fabric past
the buckle a few inches to make it easier to work with. Here is what it looks like so far. Try on the overalls and if you think the strap
is to long, cut the strap shorter. Turn the end of the strap under ¼” and
then another ¼” to the wrong side and pin. At your sewing machine, sew the end hem with
a straight stitch. This hem will prevent the strap from slipping completely out of the
slide buckle. Your pattern should have a mark on the overalls
for where to add the button. Push the tack from the wrong side to the right
side at your button placement mark so it goes through your fabric. Put the button cap on the tack then flip over
to the wrong side. Hit the tack with the hammer to secure the
tack inside the button cap. And now your straps have a buckle and button.
Don’t forget you can adjust the length of your strap and the slide buckle will hold
the excess strap in place. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please
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