How to Sew on a Button with Sewing Machine. Button Sewing Foot

Before start using your sewing machine for
sewing the buttons you need set a zig zag stitch.
In addition, after setting the zigzag stitch, you need turn lever of length stitch to minimum
value, as shown. Remove universal presser foot and attach the
button sewing foot. If you haven’t tried sewing buttons on a sewing
machine, practice first on test fabric. Please note that only flat buttons can be
sewn on the sewing machine. Do the first stitches slowly turning the handwheel
by hand. The zigzag width may not be selected correctly
and the needle tip will hit the button surface. Do not make too many stitches; 8-10 stitches
are enough to sew the button. The upper ends of the threads can be cut, but
the lower threads ends need to tie by hand. Using the special button foot, buttons with
four holes can also be sewn on sewing machine. First make stitches in the first two holes.
Then shift the button forward and makes stitches in the next pair of holes.
Please note that only flat buttons with two or four holes can be sewn on the sewing machine.
Other types of buttons need to be sewn by hand.