How to sew fleece mittens (free pattern)

Hi I’m Angel with and today
I’m going to show you how to make this mitten pattern. It will keep your hands warm all
winter long. For this project you will need the following. You will need:
1/3 yard fleece, for mittens and lining (in the example I used different cloth in the
lining) Thread
Assembled printed pattern that’s available on scissors
.25 inch elastic, approx 8- 12 inches Alright, once you have all those items, it’s
time to get started. Find the instructions on how to assemble the pattern
on’s channel. When you go to cut out the mittens, make sure that the stretch
of the fabric is going across the mitten. So it’s going across your mitten pattern,
not up and down. This will make it easier for the mitten to stretch as you are setting
it on and off. Cut out the pattern pieces for the mitten. On folded fabric cut out two
of each pattern piece for the exterior On folded fabric cut out two of each pattern
piece for the lining. In the example I used a soft cuddle fur for the lining. Note: This
mitten has a lining so it’s like making 4 mittens. Also please note since you are
cutting it out on folded fabric, you are making the mirror image of your mittens so you will
have a left and a right. Alright, it’s time to start sewing. Assemble the inside (the part that touches
the palm, with the thumb.) With right sides together, Sew a seam using
a .5 inch seam allowance from the bottom of the thumb all the way around to make it a
complete half of the mitten. Repeat 3 more times on the exterior and linings. Alright looking good. Now it’s time to add
the elastic. For the elastic I wrapped it around my wrist
and pulled it to a comfortable tightness,(so that’s how I measured it and you’ll need to
do the same on whoever you are making this for) and that’s how I got my measurement.
Cut two lengths – one for each wrist, then cut each length in half so you should have
four pieces. I confess I did this step wrong so it’s going
to be wrong here. But I’m going to explain it so you do it right ok. So what you are
going to do, you’re going to take the exterior pieces, there will be four total. Using a
zig zag stitch sew the length of elastic in the indentation on the mitten where it curves in. You will need
to stretch the elastic to fit the width of the mitten, this will cause the mitten to
fit better. Note: We are only doing this on the exterior pieces, s only the exterior pieces,
not the interior pieces. I did this step after I sewed the two halves together and doing
it before is actually a lot easier so you want to do this before you sew them together. Now it’s time to add the front and the back
of the mittens together. Match up all your mittens and pin the front
to the back , so the part with the thumb to the part without the thumb, with right sides
together. Sew all the way around using a .5 inch seam allowance. Note; There is a trick
then it comes to sewing around the thumb. Sew from the bottom until you get to the base
of the thumb ( with the thumb flipped up) finish the seam. Then flip the thumb so it’s
toward the bottom of the mitten and begin the seam again. This will make the seam cleaner
and you won’t catch the thumb in the seam. Repeat 3 more times with the other exterior
and interior mitten linings. Alright now that you have the lining and the
exterior, it’s time to make them one. Trim the and snip the curves at the thumb
so the mitten will lay nicely. With the exterior and the lining of the mitten inside out, pin
the bottom right sides together making sure there is a 1.5 – 2 inch gap for turning.
Sew together using a .5 inch seam allowance – leaving the gap for turning.Note: Make
sure that the thumbs are on the same side ( in the example both of the thumbs are on
the left) this is important! You don’t want a left inside a right mitten. Alright, almost there, last step. Turn the mitten right side out. Then stuff the lining back to the mitten exterior. Hand sew the turning gap shut, Trim your threads and you’re finished! And you’re finished! You have these nice warm
mittens because mittens are a lot more warmer because they keep your fingers together than
gloves and there versatile you can make pairs to go with different outfits if you want.
If you like this pattern and tutorial, I have several others on my website
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fleece is fun.