How to Sew Curtains : How To Staple Valance To Covered Board

This is Vicki Walker for Expert Village. We
are almost finished with our valance project. The front portion of the valance is finished.
The button covers has been completed and sewn on to the front of the valance. The valance
board is completed. It has a predrilled holes on the bottom where we would hook them to
the L brackets that already have been fixed to the wall. So it is time to staple the valance
to the board. I have a center mark marked on the board here so that would be easy to
line up right along where my pleat is. So I would go ahead and start stapling all the
back and the front of the center. To make sure it is stable in the center and it would
not be drippy once we install it. Then I can do along the back here. I would do the same
thing on this end. Then I would turn the board up on the side to do the ends and in the next
clip we would be installing the board on the wall. We would be tucking this end around
but we would be installing the board on the wall where the L brackets are already fasten
to the wall. So that would be the next clip.