How to Sew Curtains : How To Make Pleats for Curtains

This is Vicki Walker for Expert Village. We
have our valance put together front and back. We have pressed our seams, we have sewn the
side seams, we have pressed them as well to have a nice clean edge on the side. The bottom
we left the edge rolled up so we would not have any white showing when you are looking
at the curtain from the outside. After turning the valance I based it along the top edge
just so the pieces held better together for the purpose of stapling them to the valance
board up here. I have a pen marking the center of my valance and I need to make a pleat.
The center pleat that we are going to be using. I need to measure out 5 inches on each side.
I would do this side first and I would fold in from that point over from the center and
I’m going to pin that. We would sew that in a moment to make sure that, that stays. On
this side I’m going to measure 5 inches and from there fold in to the center. Pin that. I would carry that to the sewing
machine and sew based along that top line. Then we would move on to the next step in
the next clip which would be attaching the buttons to the front of the valance in the
next clip.