How to Sew Buttonholes for Beginners :: by Babs Rudlin at Fiery Phoenix

Hi there! So today I’m going to be showing
you how to use this automatic 4 Step buttonholer. I will be using the foot, a seam ripper to
actually cut the buttonholes and then we have , I’m not sure if you can actually see it.
But I have marked, with my fabric pen, where I actually want the button holes to be cut.
SO we have got 4 button holes on there just so that you have got a nice clear example
of what it is that we need to be cutting and sewing. The first thing we will do is pop
on the button hole foot. there is a section that slides up and down and that is what we
use so we make sure the measurement is accurate. Pop on the foot. If you are not clear on how
to do this I do have a tutorial on that process. So lift the foot and we start this with the
later mark at the top of the foot and the bottom mark and the bottom of the foot.So
you can just slide that up so that everything is lining up on our pattern that we made on
the fabric.then you make sure the stitch length is within the button hole section on your
sewing machine. And you make sure that your are on Step 1. Then we sew forwards. As you can see thi then
closes up and then you change to Step 2. That sews across the end and then you change to
Step 3 and then you sew back. This will match the other side, up to where you started from,and
when you have reached the top you step back to Option 4 and close the top of the button
hole. If we move on you can see that we have now
got step 1, step 2, step 3 and then step 4 enclosing it all. We will go through and do that again. I’ll
just repeat that a couple more times. Drop the foot, Step1. Step 2. Step 3. Coming back
up to where we started from, an then Step 4 to close it off. I’ll do a longer one. Just so you see the
same process no matter how long the buttonhole you need. If we make this the longest button
hole we can, for this particular foot. So we come down on side 1. There is no need to
force anything. Just let the machine work at its own pace. Step 2, and then Step 3 coming
back, and then once you have reached the top end come back to Step 4 to close it. And that
is all there is too it. that’s the actual sewing of the button holes,
but what we need to do is actually cut into them. This is where we are going to use the
seam ripper. So we will be inserting the point and then sliding it along until we hit the
terminus to the end piece. If I show you that on the larger. Insert the seam ripper and
then slide it slowly and gently along. You want to use control, so when you hit the end
piece you stop. Turn the fabric around, insert it into the gap, slide along slowly and gently.
When you hit the end piece stop and you now have a button hole. I’ll do that again one the smaller ones. Insert
the seam ripper and slowly and gently slide along, till you come to the end. and then
do he same in the opposite direction. Slowly and gently. If you try and rush you can end
up doing what I did here. f you try and rush it through you cut through the stitches on
the edge of the buttonhole itself. Which means you can’t use that button hole. Its just becomes
a mess. Its very hard to sew back over he top. so always, always ,one last time….
you go slow and gentle. Insert the seam ripper, slowly slide it along, turn it around, slowly
slide it a long the other direction. and there we have three buttonholes that work quite
nicely and are beautifully sewn. I hope you found this tutorial useful and
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Speak to you later. Bye!