How to sew a small bag

in this video I’m going to show you how
to sew this easy and quick gift bag. For this gift bag I’m just going to use two
pieces of fabric and I am going to sew on at this sparkly ribbon so let’s get
started with the ribbon first when you’re sewing a ribbon to something and
you know that this ribbon it’s going to be parallel on both sides just
make sure that you line everything up before you sew it so here I have pinned
it into place and I’m going to sew across on the bottom here as well as sewing across the top here just to attach this ribbon to my gift bag so I’m going to
start with the top of this ribbon and we will sew along just making sure that I keep
that ribbon in place just don’t want to move it there we go now I’m going to
come along this bottom side and do the same here now I’m going to do the same thing with
the second one and I’m just sew down the bottom here I’m just finishing up
the second ribbon and here we go the first thing I’m going to do is I am
going to enclose of all edges on the top of these bags because I don’t want
anything fraying at the top so I’ve top stitched the top here I left the light
blue in because I just put it coordinated so cool with this light
blue of the ribbon here so now what I’m going to do is place everybody right
sides together now the one thing I want you to do especially if you have a
ribbon on the side like me, is you want to make sure that this ribbon is
matching up properly because you don’t want to make it look like it’s
off-center and what we’re going to do is I’m going to box out the bottom of
this bag so it stands up and then we’re going to sew all the way around so as
you can see here I have now boxed these corners out and i’m going to do down I’m going to stitch all the way off Let’s move you Bear, thank you for helping.
then I’m just go sew along the bottom here I’m just going to sew along this last
panel now I’m just going to sew these corners
down and come to the second corner here so I never use pins for this bit anymore I
used to but it’s time now just to go through and cut off these little bits of
thread like so now turn your little bag right sides out. I love the detail of
this sparkly ribbon now what I’m going to do is pop my gift inside of my bag
and tie around the top a little ribbon well it looks like bear approves and I
think it’s absolutely gorgeous so just so you can see how tiny this is
it’s really adorable I love how it turned out let me know what you think
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thank you so much for watching bye