How to Sew a Rolled Hem – Updated

The rolled hem is a great option for delicate
fabrics such as chiffon or crepe de chine. It’s also perfect for curved hemlines. This tutorial will show you how to create
the rolled hem without a special presser foot. First you’ll need to find your hem allowance
by checking your pattern piece, pattern directions or your hem preference. In my example, my hem allowance is one and
a quarter inches. From this number, I will subtract a quarter
inch so my new measurement is one inch. At the edge of my garment, where I want my
hem to be, I’ll stitch at my new measurement line. So in my example, I’m stitching one inch
from the edge of my fabric, using a regular length stitch. If you don’t have a line on your needle
plate to follow, attach a piece of painter’s tape to use as a guide. Trim off the raw edge about eighth of an inch
away from your stitches. Now fold the raw edge to the wrong side of
the fabric, you’ll see my stitches are directly next to the folded edge. The stitches help make folding easier. Press in place. Then fold again another one eighth of an inch
and press. Your hem should be extremely narrow. It will be difficult to pin this in place
so you may want to use clips to hold it. At your sewing machine, stitch this hem in
place, again using a regular length stitch, about a two point zero, and stitch close to
the top folded edge. And now your rolled hem is complete. This is a professional looking hem that’s
great for fabrics that fray, plus this hem won’t weigh down lightweight, flowy fabric. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please subscribe and click the bell icon to
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