How to Sew a Quilt Pattern : Sewing Middle Row of Quilt Pattern

Ok. Now, we’re ready to do the middle row.
Go ahead and pick up whatever you decided your middle piece is going to be or put on
here. You can pin these together, if that makes you more comfortable. I just try to
make sure that the sides right here are lined up. And, once again we’ve got to remember
which way we want which side we want to sew together. Because, we’re trying to leave this
blue or excuse me wrong blue. We’re trying to leave this blue to the background. So,
I don’t want to sew along that side at all. Like so. And, then I’m going to go ahead and
pick up my other piece, line up the edges again. It tried to come unfolded on me. Like
that. And, there you have your center piece.