How to Sew a Quilt Pattern : Drawing Line for Quilt Pattern

Ok, now I’m going to take my two remaining
fabrics that I haven’t already used to make this one. Make sure that you don’t pick up
one that you’ve already used and I’m going to do the same thing, making sure that they
are facing each other the right way. Always try to make sure corners are lined up. If
one’s a little bigger than the other, just try to line up one corner and you can always
cut the excess. You’re going to take your pins, pin the sides. Now we’re going to draw
our line from one corner to the other. This line is really important because if it’s
off, then every triangle will be off, so you want to try to make sure you get it as centered
as you can, and then you will have this, and you’re all done. And it’s ready to be cut
or sewn and then cut.