How to Sew a Pillow Case Cover : Sewing Edges of a Pillow Case

Hi, welcome to Expert Village. I am Gretchen
Soares with the Butterfly Boutique. We are going to head to the serger. We are going
to finish the edges by going over them with the serger. This will give them a nice finished
edge and they will not unravel when we wash them. Now, all of our edges have a nice clean
finish on them. We will need to turn this right side out; taking special care with each
corner, making sure that we turn it right, and that each point is nice and sharp. We
will turn the corners with our fingers, making it nice and sharp. Do that on each corner
by folding and flipping. Now, we are going to operate from the front side of this, creasing
in the edge seam that we just sewed. We roll the seams up with our fingers, and make a
nice sharp crease. Take care on the corners, making sure you get sharp corners. We are
going to lay this out on the work table and make sure that the flaps are nice and flat.