How to Sew a Patio Pillow – Mitered Square Pattern

Bring the coziness of your home outside with
a beautiful patio pillow. Using striped fabric allows you to get a mitered
square design, plus the zipper closure means you can use premade pillow forms. Let’s take a look at the supplies you’ll
need for this summer project. To get started, you’ll need a sixteen inch
square pillow form, one yard of outdoor striped fabric, a twelve inch zipper, and all-purpose
thread. You’ll also need paper and sewing scissors,
straight pins, seam ripper, pattern paper, ruler, pencil, iron and your sewing machine
and zipper foot. First, we’ll need to make our pattern. Draw a square that’s seventeen inches by
seventeen inches. This is our pillow dimensions plus one inch
added for seam allowance. Take your ruler and draw a diagonal line,
connecting the opposite corners. Using your paper scissors, cut out on the
pattern lines so you end up with four triangles Your fabric should be a single layer when
you lay out your four triangle patterns. The stripes should be going horizontally across
the triangles and lined up so that the stripe pattern looks exactly the same from triangle
to triangle. Pick a line as your guide to line up the bottom
of each triangle. After pinning them in place, cut out your
fabric triangles. Lay out the triangles in a square to make
sure you’re getting a mitered square design. Pick two adjacent triangles. At the shared edge, pin right sides together,
making sure the stripes match. Repeat for the remaining two triangles. At your sewing machine, sew a seam along each
pinned edge, using a half inch seam allowance. Press your seams open with a hot iron. Now pin the pair of triangles together and
sew another half inch seam at your sewing machine and press the seam open. Use your square as a pattern to cut another
square from your fabric, or repeat the previous steps, if you want the mitered design to be
on both sides. Take the front pillow and back pillow and
pin right sides together on one side only. Take your zipper, you can use a regular zipper
or invisible zipper, like me, and place it on the pinned edge. Center the zipper and, at the zipper stops,
mark with X’d pins. Start sewing a half inch seam allowance with
a regular length straight stitch. When you get to the X, do a back stitch to
lock the stitch off. Between the X’s, switch to a basting stitch
and continue sewing the basting stitch until you get to the next X. When you get to the that X, then you’ll
switch back to a regular length straight stitch to finish the seam. Press the seam open and then lay your zipper,
right side down in the basted section, making sure center of the zipper is centered on the
seam. Pin or use two sided sewing tape to keep the
zipper in place. Use a zipper foot to sew as close to the zipper
teeth as you can. You’ll want to sew all the way around the
zipper using a regular length stitch but the top of the zipper might be hard so just do
your best to get as far as you can. We can finish that up in a bit. With a seam ripper, carefully remove the basting
stitches. If you weren’t able to sew around the top
of the zipper previously, just unzip the zipper halfway and you should be able finish sewing
around that end of the zipper. Now we’ll finish sewing the remaining three
sides of our pillow together. Line up front and back, right sides together,
pin and sew a half inch seam allowance on the three sides. Just make sure the zipper is halfway open
during this step. After sewing your seams, cut off the corners
of the pillow but make sure not to cut your stitches. Through the zipper opening, flip the pillow
right side out and press. Now insert your pillow form and when you’re
done, zip the zipper closed. Here’s my new finished patio pillow! It looks great on both the front and the back! Depending on where you place your triangle
patterns at the beginning, you can get different looks even with the same fabric. Try one and share a picture with us! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please subscribe to get notified of our weekly
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