How to Sew a Jacket Hem Band With Lining

A hem band is a separate strip of fabric,
typically found on the bottom of jackets which not only finishes the raw edge but is a neat
style detail. This video will take you through the steps
and show you how it’s done. First, you’ll want to cut out all your pattern
and fabric pieces for the hem band. If your jacket has a lining, you’ll want
to make sure you cut out your hem band from your lining pieces as well. It may be possible your hem band is one long
strip or it’s like mine where it has seams that match up with the seams of my jacket. So I have back hem band and front hem band
pieces. I’m going to pin my band sections together
but I want to make sure it matches what my jacket looks like so far. If I lay out my jacket, wrong side up, I can
put the back hem band in the center and then put the shorter front band on the right and
the longer front hem band on the left to match the layout of the jacket. Pin the short, matching ends of the ban sections
right sides together. I’ll stitch these pinned areas at my machine
using a standard straight stitch with the recommended seam allowance from the pattern. With your seams done, you’ll have one long
hem band strip. Don’t forget to press your seams open. Now I’m going to pin the hem band to the
bottom of my jacket, right sides together, matching up the ends and any notches and seam
allowances first and then easing in between these areas. If your garment has pockets, like mine, I’m
going to pull up the pockets so they’re out of the way and don’t accidentally get
sewn in this seam. Sew the hem band and jacket together at your
sewing machine. Then press the seam allowance towards the
hem band. Flipping the garment over to the right side,
you’ll want to top stitch next to the jacket/hem band seam line. So this is sewing on the hem band, close to
the seamline, catching the seam allowance on the back. The hem band is now done until I finish completing
almost the rest of the jacket and do the lining. My lining looks similar in construction to
my jacket, in that there’s a hem band also attached to the bottom. So my hem band will be finished with sewing
the lining to my jacket. Jacket and lining will be placed right sides
together, matching the outer edges, including the hem band section and pinned. I’m going to sew my seams at the pinned
edges. When the jacket is flipped so all the right
sides are out, you’re hem band is also finished and just needs to be pressed. When you have a hem band, you’re not doing
a traditional hem on your garment because the hem band and lining are taking care of
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