How to Sew a Fleece Quillow – Blanket + Pillow

Looking for a cozy project during the winter
months? Learn to make a fleece quillow, which is a blanket that transforms into a compact
and easy to store pillow. It’s a great idea to make for friends and family. Let’s get
started. For supplies, you’ll need 2 ½ yards of
fleece fabric and all-purpose thread. For tools, you’ll need your sewing machine,
scissors, ruler, straight pins, and fabric marker.
Make sure all the edges of your fabric are straight and cut off any selvedge. It’s a good idea to finish all the edges.
I fold over about 1/2” to the wrong side on each edge. You can pin if you want. I normally
just eyeball it and fold as I sew. On my sewing machine, I’m using this utility
stitch, or you can use a standard zig zag stitch. Sew the folded edge at your sewing machine.
I don’t sew directly on the edge but about ⅛” away from the raw edge. It’s ok to
see the raw edge because fleece fabric doesn’t fray, this just helps it look a little more
finished. Lay your blanket out wrong side up. On one
of the shorter edges, fold up the end of the blanket on top of itself 15” and pin both
of the ends. Sew these edges with a straight stitch at
your sewing machine. Now on each of those same ends, use your ruler
and mark 19” in. This means 19” in on one side and then 19” in on the other side.
Use straight pins to hold both layers of fabric together. Sew, using a straight stitch, on both of your
marked lines. This will give you three pockets on the folded up section of your blanket. Your quillow is done. But I’ll show you
how to fold it next. Lay your blanket so the pockets are underneath. Fold the blanket into thirds. This means,
you should be folding on the straight stitch lines of the pockets. Now take the top of the blanket and fold to
the pocket. Fold again and then put it on top of the pocket section. Lastly, flip the pocket inside out over the
folded section and you’ll end up with the folded section inside the pocket, creating
your pillow like magic. When you want to use your blanket, just pull
out the folded section and it’s ready to go. This size will give you a decent blanket
for an adult but you can make it smaller for children. Enjoy your new fleecey quillow. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please
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