How to Sew a Drawstring Hood For a Hoodie

This tutorial will show you how to assemble
a drawstring hood typically found in hoodies. In my demonstration, I’ll be showing how
to do this for a zippered hoodie. My particular hood will have a lining. So I’ll cut out two fabric pieces from my
main fabric and two from my lining. First take your main hood pieces and place
them right sides together, pinning the center front curved edge. Stitch this at your sewing machine and press
the seam toward the left side. Repeat these same steps for the lining pieces. Wrong side to wrong side, place the two hoods
together, pinning the two remaining raw edges. Baste the pinned edges using the longest stitch
on your machine and don’t use a back stitch. Flip the hood so the main fabric is on the
outside. Top stitch on the left side of the seamline
about three eighths of an inch away. You’ll have a mark on your pattern for eyelet
placement. You’ll need to consult your pattern on the
size. Mine requires three eighths inch eyelets. There are two parts. An eyelet with a taller center and an eyelet
with a wider center Cut a small hole where your mark is, enough
to place the center of the taller eyelet into the hole. On the lining side, slip the eyelet with the
wider center over the other eyelet. Fit the eyelet on the right side of the hood
on the anvil. And place the tool in the center of the eyelet
on the lining side. With a few taps from a hammer on the eyelet
tool, it will push the inside eyelet edges out, locking it in place. Now flip the hood so the lining side is on
the outside. Turn the unnotched edge, one and a quarter
inches to the lining side. On the raw edge, turn under another quarter
inch. Press and pin. This is creating the casing. Machine baste alongside the folded edge. On the main fabric of the hood, top stitch
directly on your basting stitch using a regular length stitch. The rest of my hoodie is sewn enough at this
point that I have the front and back necklines sewn together at the shoulder seams. Pin the bottom raw edge of the hood to the
neckline, matching up any marks, notches, and the main fabric of hood goes to the right
side of the neckline. Stitch in place. Your hood is pretty much done at this point
and you can continue with the rest of your hoodie. The last step is inserting the drawstring
into the casing which you may want to save until the end. Take your cording, attach a small enough safety
pin on the end and feed it through the casing. Once the cording is through, knot the ends
to keep it from going through the eyelet. And now your hood is done. Pull the drawstring to try it out. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please subscribe and click the bell icon to
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