How to Sew a Dart

a dart is a method used in sewing to add
shape to a garment there are a few parts of a dart that are important to
understand before sewing them into your garment the legs are what creates the
shape and guides you in a straight line to the dart tip the dart tip is at the
end of your dart lastly an element that should be on most patterns but is easy
to add if it is not on yours is the punch hole the punch hole lets the
person sewing know that the dart tip is coming to start identify where your legs
and dart tips are by placing your pattern over your fabric with chalk mark
where the legs start and where the dart tip is also mark the punch hole if your
pattern has one now using a ruler and chalk connect to the bottom of each leg
to the dart tip if your pattern does not have a punch hole make one a half an
inch directly below the dart tip now fold the fabric with right sides facing
so that the legs are lined up pin horizontally at the dart tip and then up
the leg from the bottom towards the dart tip make sure the pins are going through
the leg lines on both sides of the fabric start sewing at the bottom of the
leg in the direction of the dart tip use a regular straight stitch and backstitch
only at the beginning when you reach where you have marked the punch hole
stop reduce your stitch length all the way when you reach the dart tip the
machine should stitch off the fabric completely since you will not be back
stitching pull a little more thread than usual when removing the garment from the
machine tie off the ends with a not before clipping them down press the dart
to the side your pattern indicates use a rounded edge like a taylor ham or the
end of an ironing board at the dart tip for best results darts are often used on
the busts of dresses and blouses skirts and to minimize gapping at sleeve