How To Remove Rubber Print from T-Shirt at Home || टी-शर्ट से रबर प्रिंट लोगो को कैसे निकालें

Hello friends.. I got an original branded T-shirt, but it has some company Logo & I wish to remove it…. Today in this video we will teach you how to remove such rubber print logo.. So lets start… 1st Place T-shirt /shirt on place surface. You can see the logo which we want to remove.. Take a normal cloth.. And place under neath the T-shirt near logo area.. Now we have placed the normal cloth below T-shirt Now, take a wet cloth & place it above the logo.. Now take a steam iron or a normal iron.. Now place & rub the heated iron over the wet cloth continuously… Rub continuously to make the rubber print logo soft… Keep rubbing for 4-5 minutes to make the rubber print soft…. Evaluate at intervals to check if the print has become soft….Repeat the heating if needed… Take a sharp object knife or use nails & start to peel off the rubber print slowly…… Slowly.. Slowly start to peel off gently in one go….. Repeat heating with wet cloth if needed… this will make the logo soft & easy to peel off…. By this method any rubber print logos can be removed easily & also no damage to shirt or T-shirts. Thanks for Watching video… Please LIKE >>>> SHARE >>>> SUBSCRIBE >>>>>