How to Quilt : Trimming Quilt Edges

Hi! I am Shelly Cordsen at Expert
We are putting the final touches on our first baby quilt and our binding is sewed on and
as you can feel as you go along every place that we attach the binding together to make
our strip and even in the end, is a nice smooth not bulky finish. Now everything is on. We
are going to go to each corner and trim off the excess; just kind of cut that corner off
then we are going to now iron. And what I like to do is take it from the front side,
take my iron and just kind of iron it out and really on that mitered corner just poke
your iron in there and just get it done and then I will turn it over and I will pin all
my corners down. So you will start from one edge and come up place the pin and you will
come up to a point here to stick your finger in there bring that down, let the corners
meet. If you want to when you are on your ironing board, just stick a pin in that so
you get this tacked down, put a pin, come back to your mitered and you can see where
you have a beautiful mitered corner right there. Then you will just take your needle
and thread sometimes all poke out there, there you go a nice smooth mitered corner to a point
there and it will come to a point on the other side. Now to finish this up, there are several
methods; one is to do take a needle and thread and do a blind stitch. Some people will do
a whip stitch. If you can hide it, some will just pin this down take it to their sewing
machine, they will stitch right here in this stitch and make sure that they can catch this
side and they can sew it down by machine which is your quickest way. So you have now completed
your first quilting project. You have a wonderful gift to give to someone and you are now officially
a quilter.