How to Quilt a (BIG) Thanksgiving Turkey!

Hi, itís Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. Weíve got a fun idea for you. Last year we introduced the Dresden Turkey. This
is a great fun thing that just popped out of our minds, but weíve come a long way baby. We now have made a pattern for that Dresden
Turkey. Itís available only in the Missouri Star Quilt Company, probably till next fall.
This is a picture of the pattern. Jan Patek and I put it together. How exciting is that,
and we have this great pattern, it has a pumpkin, ìGive Thanksî. We love the gratitude attitude,
and so weíre working on that. I have a special journal that I call ìNext Great Ideaî and
I woke up one morning with a great idea for this yearís Thanksgiving Turkey and here
he is! Look how beautiful he is! Heís big! Heís gorgeous! I wanted something that youíd
be able to see from the street. Heís still three rows of Dresdens, just fifteen
Dresdens, just different sized blades. Heís the same shaped body, weíre even going to
show you how to make him a tie, cause everybody should wear a tie at Thanksgiving, shouldnít
they? Alright, let me show you how we do this. I
love this Sandy Gervais, Awesome, fall Layer Cake. Itís got all those beautiful fall colors
in it, but you can make it whatever you want. I wanted you to be able to use a Layer Cake.
I thought that was a really fun idea, and since weíre working with bigger pieces and
taller pieces, thatíll be a lot of fun for us. So, what weíre doing here is, see, all
those white ones well we pulled those out first because weíre going to use those for
our background. Weíre going to need about twelve of those and theyíre going to be sewn
together in a big piece that weíll lay our turkey on. Thisíll be the foundation for
our turkey. Youíll also want to pull out the color you want for the body, the color
you want for the background, and the color that you want to use on the feet, and the
beak and the eyes. This I used the same dark for the eyes, and Iím probably going to embroider
a little circle in there or something, to give those eyes some spark. So, let me show
you how we did this. This is a 10î, the Layer Cake is 10î, and
our Dresden only goes to 8î so let me show you how to do that. Alright, weíll scoot
you over here, and get a little Dresden here. Hereís a piece of my fabric from the beak.
Now you only need fifteen pieces, so you are going to end up with a few more Dresdens and
youíll be able to make more than one turkey out of this kit. Here we go. OK, so we see here now how this says eight.
What weíre going to do, and this is just a great, make do method, what weíre going
to do is, we want a 10î Dresden, so weíre going to lay our ruler right along the edge
of this Dresden. Weíll slide that ruler out and weíre going to make the cut, just like
that. Weíre going to put our Dresden right back on that line. Putting it straight along
the bottom, and then weíre going to do the same thing on the other side, and weíll scoot
this out, and weíre going to go ahead and make this cut. I have a little harder time,
being left-handed, cutting on that side. So, what you end up with is a taller 10î Dresden.
For our outer set of leaves, we used all the browns and the greens, and remember with a
Dresden, you just fold it straight over itself. Just like this, and youíre going to sew that
ºî right along there. Hereís one thatís done. Remember, just straight across the top,
and then I like to clip a little edge right there, so, that when you turn it, it just
lies down so much easier. So, then youíre going to flip that out. Push that out with
your thumb, and it gives you a, makes itís own casing, and weíre going to want to press
that down. Letís here right at the iron, right here, and so, what I generally do is
press from the back and the front. You want to just line up this line so it comes straight
down the middle. So, you have this nice blade. Youíre going to use fifteen of those to make
your feather line. Youíre going to do your bigger ones out of
the darker colors and the light toward the middle. Actually, you can do whatever you
want! Itís really fine, but weíre going to just sew these blades together. Remember,
you just lay them next to each other like this. Sew your ºî seam and they lay open
and when you have fifteen of these it makes that fan for that beautiful feather! So, when
you make your blades youíre going to make fifteen 10î blades, and youíll stitch them
together and thatíll be your first layer on here. The next set of blades is 8î, that
is, let me see whereís my little Dresden, that is the size of the ruler that you have.
If youíve gotten the Dresden thatís this size, itís 8î so thatís the middle one.
Then weíre going to make 5î ones on these small ones. These little ones are 5î Dresdens,
and weíre going to just lay them on top of each other. The whole inside will be the same
on all three layers. Now we got this layering idea, Sewbee came
to visit us, sheís active on our forums, and she came over to visit us, and she gave
us this idea about layering these! It just hadnít crossed my mind, but itís an awesome
idea and I think she got it from somebody named Linda, but we love to see your designs
on the forums! So, you guys, if you make a turkey we want to see pictures, we just love
that! So, anyway, lets talk about how weíre going to layer this and finish this. The first
thing I did was put this layer of 10î Dresdens on here, and then you can see here, I just
kind of hand-stitched that down, and I just wanted to do it loosely, because Iím going
to quilt over it. So, it just needs to be attached to it. Then I layed the next layer
on, and again just hand-stitched that down, and the third layer, this middle body part
right here, this brown part, that is the inside of a paper plate! You can see how I just use
whatever I have at hand. Eventually it will be made into a pattern,
so you donít have to come up with, re-invent the wheel, but this is about saucer size,
and then the body is the same as the other turkey, weíve just enlarged it. Just made
it bigger, and the feet are the same! This guy needs a firm foundation, so he needs some
bigger feet than that other turkey, but I did realize he was missing a tie! Everybody
should wear a tie at Thanksgiving! Well, the men probably donít think so, but I do, but
I realized that I could make a tie by using one of the Dresdens. Now you could probably
just use the small blade. That would probably be perfect, but it was too much yellow for
me I wanted to bring in some of this brown. So, I took one of the large Dresdens and of
course that was too big. So, I folded the two blades into the middle, and I just folded
that down like that, and itís the perfect size, and so I cut mine off here. I have one
here to show you that Iíve cut off, just like that, and with this extra part right
here at the end, I just made a little band to go on the neck like that. All that can
just be hand-stitched down. Iím going to do a bit of embroidery in the eyes to make
his eyes pop and come alive, and then I just think Iím going to quilt him, and I just
think heís going to be adorable wishing everybody Thanksgiving from our window! Anyway, I hope
youíve enjoyed this tutorial! Weíd love to see the pictures and any comments you have,
and we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!