How to Prepare Fabric | Tie Dyeing

I’m going to show you now how to prepare the
fabric and how to dye it using the squeeze bottles. So first you want to prepare what we call
the activator solution. And that will just be a solution with washing
soda or soda ash. Normally you would mix 9 teaspoons per gallon
of water , since I have a little bit less than a gallon of water I’m going to adapt
my recipe and that’s what you should do. Again I’m going to dissolve my washing soda
into hot water because it doesn’t like to be dissolved in cold water. So I’m going to add 3 teaspoons because I
think I have a third of a gallon. And I’m going to make sure it’s fully dissolved
before adding my fabric to it. I’m just like whisking it to make sure it’s
fully dissolved. Soda ash or washing soda can be a little tricky
and you don’t want to enter your fabric before it’s fully dissolved. I think now it’s good actually. So I pre-wetted my fabric which is also like
bundled for tie dying already. So make sure that you wet it and then you
want to put it in the dye activator solution and let it sit from 5-10 minutes. So I’m just going to make sure it’s fully
immersed and then I’m going to wait 5 minutes before I take it out. After 5 minutes your fabric’s soaked all of
the activator solution that it needed so you can remove it from the activator solution
and just wring the excess out. I’m wringing it out and I’m going to move
my dye activator solution aside so I have a nice clean surface to dye. So then I prepared 3 colors in the squeeze
bottles and I’m going to show you how then look. So I have the yellow that is pretty light. And I have a berry color that is actually
pretty concentrated so I think will go well with the yellow. And there’s also some green. I really like using the paper towels to test
the colors. This is actually really useful too to see
how the two colors will blend because just because the two colors look pretty next to
each other doesn’t mean the mix of both when you’re putting in the fabric will look pretty
so make sure you test your colors before putting them in the fabric side by side or you might
end up with really ugly results that you don’t want. This technique is really cool because it allows
you to apply as many colors as you want, at once, in the fabric so you can get really
beautiful results. So I tied my fabric into sections and my plan
is to dye each section in one color and have them in the middle just mix with each other. Maybe in the middle section I’ll just also
mix with them. So with the squeeze bottles you pretty much
just apply the dye directly into the fabric and you can have the control of how much you
want to add. So for instance if you like some of the white
to appear you can also do that. Otherwise, if you want all the parts that
you’re dying to be pretty saturated make sure that you add a lot of dye but also you can
work the dye into the fabric with your hands. So my first yellow section is dyed and I think
next to the yellow I’m going to put the green. And maybe in this section I’m actually going
to mix the green and the yellow at the same time so you can see that you can apply them
both and kind of get this marbled effect. And I’m going to flip it and do the same thing
on the other side. So this is my green and yellow marbled. And maybe next to it I’m going to do just
green and I think I’ll end up with the berry color. Again, working the dye into the fabric to
make sure that all of the layers got dyed. And I guess the last one I’ll do yellow too. So at this point you applied all the dye and
your fabric will need to rest to fix the dye into the fabric. This process we call the curing process and
we normally recommend from 4-24 hours just resting and curing. For the curing process you want your fabric
to remain wet so it’s a good idea to just wrap it in a plastic bag or saran wrap and
just let it sit. After the curing process, 4 hours, you can
just rinse your fabric and the dye should be fixed. And it’s all ready to go. So this is how you tie dye using squeeze bottles.