How to Pick Fabric for a Quilt | Quilting

I think choosing fabric for a quilt is really
the best part. It’s really
fun; you can play with pattern and design. Definitely it’s some people’s
favorite part. The easiest way I think to choose fabric if
you’re a beginner is to find a print that you really love and make sure it’s
multi-colored. It should have
several different colors in it. Then it’s just a matter of pulling out the
colors that are in the fabric. You can see here, we’ve pulled out a really
nice complementary purple and a green and a beige with some gold. The other thing you want to think about
is the scale of your fabric. You want to have different size motifs, here
it’s a little bit bigger, these are small, and this is sort of a medium. You want to have different patterns and this
is another example. We have
this great children’s print with fairly large animal motifs and we’ve
pulled out some coordinating fabric. We’ve got some smaller owls, we’ve got
a nice polka-dot and we’ve got kind of a stripe. Don’t be afraid to mix different design elements,
stripes, dots, little florals, it all works together. You want to make sure you have a nice
pleasing balance. Another tip, you can use for choosing fabric,
on the salvage of lots of fabrics they have what we call, “Gams”, they’re
just dots of colors that are used in the print. It’s kind of a cheating way to help you find
colors that would match or coordinate really well
with the prints you’ve chosen. If any of you have an art background, you
might be familiar with a color wheel and that’s another good way to choose
fabrics. You can choose
analogous colors and make sort of a monotone quilt or complementary colors. Choosing fabric for a quilt can be very scary
but try not to let it overwhelm you. Just pick fabric you love, colors you feel
comfortable with and have a good time.