How to Master Basic Sewing Projects : How to Sew a Pillow

Hi, I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village and
we are making our little pillow and now we are ready to go ahead and start sewing. We’re
just going to use a small straight stitch all the way around and we’re going to leave
just a little bit open because right now we’re going to sew it with the right sides together
which is basically inside out. We have to leave a little spot open so that we can turn
it right side out and then put the stuffing in. So be sure not to get too pedal happy
and close it all the way up. So go ahead and we’re going to start by putting our fabric
under there and just starting, I start slow and then go ahead and go back a couple back
stitches to create a knot and then go forward. And then once my fabric, once I see that it’s
going to fine, then I just put it on rapid speed. And then you want to slow down when
you’re coming toward the end because what we’re going to do is actually turn our fabric
so that we don’t have to pull it out and cut the thread. The way that you do that is stitch
before you get to the end, you’re going to stop your machine and you’re going to turn
your wheel toward you so that your needle goes all the way down into the fabric, all
the way down. Then you can pick up the foot, turn it toward you, put the foot back down
and start sewing again. Now you don’t have to do a back stitch, when you make a turn,
you don’t have to do a back stitch or create any sort of knot. So we’re going to go all
the way around. When you get toward the end you can slow it down, then stop, turn the wheel all the way toward
you so the needle goes down, pick the foot up, turn it around, put the foot back down
and start stitching again. Again, remember you’re not going to want to close it all the
way up, we’re going to go almost all the way around the 4 sides, but we are going to leave
some room on the fourth side. So stop it, slow your machine down, pull that down, pick
it up, turn it, put the foot down, and start sewing. Make sure that you guide your fabric
nice and straight but don’t push it. Okay, so we’re going to stop there and then once
you stop at that point, you are going to want to go ahead and do a couple of back stitches
to create a knot because you don’t want that to fall apart on you. Then you go ahead and
pull it out, cut the thread, pull the pins out and I’ll see you in the next clip and
I’ll show you what to do next.