How to Make Seat Covers for Furniture : How to Sew Upper Section of Seat Cover

Hi, this is Vicki Walker from Expert Village.
In this clip on how to make a butterfly chair cover, we would be sewing the top sections
of the seat cover together. I’m removing the pattern piece that I have cut out. I need
to put the right sides together and then pin them before we actually start sewing that
way we get a cleaner seam. We would worry about the finishing of the seam later. We
don’t want the rough edges to show and they would be finished off with a flat seam in
one of the next steps we would be doing. Take it to the sewing machine and get our seam
started. I would be using a 5/8 inch seam. I’m going to reinforce the edge of this seam
to be sure that it does not come loose and I’m sewing a 5/8 inch seam all the way down
and we would be finishing the edge of this seam in a minute to get rid of raw edges.
You want to make sure to keep your fingers away from the sewing machine needle. Almost
done. I would reinforce the bottom edge as well and that is all there is to sewing the
seam for the top portion of our butterfly seat cover.