How to Make Kurti with Neck Design : Patchwork

Sometimes we have patchwork neck or ready made neck designs. Let’s find out how best to use this neck for our new kurti / top. Mark & Cut fabric as per the drafting instructions Full Length + 1/2″ Join the dots Mark Chest line, waist line & hip line i.e.Chest/4+ 1/2″ & same formula for waist & hip Run Tracing Wheel on stitching side line Cut the outline after keeping 1″ on side for side seam allowance Make Notches / cut as required Separate Back Part from Front Part Cut Front Armhole deeper Fold the fabric & cut the sleeves as shown You may increase or decrease sleeve length as you desire Cut the sleeve outline only Notches/cuts are important for stitching accuracy Now, open the sleeve & cut front curvy part only Mark each part for easy identification Press to paste your Neck Patch on paper pasting Keep neck length 7.5″ & width chest/12 or 3″ Paste on shiny side of paper pasting, using dry iron Press to fold sides 1/2″ inside Fold sleeve patch similarly Make a notch in center of the neck patch & press it from middle Align the neck on wrong side of bodice and make a running stitch in middle Stitch on the neck shape marked by you Cut the shape leaving 1 cm besides our neck stitch Be careful.Don’t cut on the stitch you done A slanting small cut on corners Turn the neck Press & make a top stitch Fold the back neck & stitch Join the shoulders Stitch the sides together Stitch till hip length only. We’ll fold side slits Mark to make all slits equal Fold on mark & stitch folding inside Stitch patch on sleeve by folding sleeve bottom 1/2″ outside Either join sleeve with armhole as I have mentioned earlier or by this method Cut extra fabric off Both sleeve bottom should be equal Turn sleeve inside out & join Set the sleeves After putting so much efforts, don’t you think you should press LIKE BUTTON for yourself for watching this video:) & if not, then please let me know, why not? If yes, then I’m sure you’ll love to share it with your friends & family Do Subscribe to not miss the latest:)