How-To: Make Finger Puppets

Welcome to the BOOMbox, I’m Amy Holcomb, experiential
learning coordinator. Today we’ll be learning a simple hand sewing
craft with my colleague Amy Koester: finger puppets! Let’s get started. Hi, Amy Koester and today we’re going to make
finger puppets in the shape of minions. So, for this activity we’re going to the materials
we have in front of me here. Here we have graph paper and a pencil so we
can sketch out our design and shape. We also have liquid stitch which is a fabric
adhesive in case we don’t want to sew the eyeball on to our finger puppet, we can just
glue it. We have some pins and needles for our sewing. We also have two colors of embroidery floss. We’ve got white to sew on the eyeballs and
yellow for the body of the finger puppet. We’ve got fabric scissors, but any old scissors
can do if that’s what you have around the house. We also have a black permanent marker for
drawing the finishing touches on our finger puppets and we have two colors of felt. We’ve got yellow for the body and white for
the eye. Alright, for our first step we’re each going
to take a piece of graph paper and we’re going to sketch out the shape that we want for our
finger puppets. So, you can see I’m leaving room for my finger. Now we’re going to take out scissors and cut
out our shape. So now we’re going to take our outline and
cut that outline out of our yellow felt. So you can kind of just eyeball it if you
want to. Ha, minions pun. Or you can take a pin and pin your template
to the fabric so it’s going to hold it in place while you cut. So now that you’ve cut out one side, you’re
going to unpin your template and cut out a second one. What you’re ultimately going to do is sew
those two pieces together and that’s gonna make the pocket for your finger. Okay, now that we’ve got the two sides of
the body for our finger puppet, we’re going to take our white felt and that’s where
we’re going to cut out the eyeballs. So at this point if you wanted to use the
liquid stitch fabric glue to glue on your eyeball you would be able to do that. It does take at least 30 minutes to dry so
we’re actually gonna go ahead and sew ours but it’s good to have that in mind as an option. So what we need to do is each take a needle
from our pin cushion, very carefully, you don’t want to stick yourself, and we’re also
going to use the white embroidery floss at this point. So let’s get our needles threaded. You can take a couple of tries. Once you get in through a little bit, go ahead
and pull it out and we’re gonna tie a little knot. So, once you’ve got your needle threaded you’re
gonna figure out about where on the minion body you’re gonna want the eyeball and from
there you’re going to sew it on. I like to start sewing from behind, that way
the extra thread is not going to show and what we’re going to do is use what is called
a running stitch, which is where we’ll go up one side of the fabric and go back down
through and repeat that pattern until we’ve gone around the entirety of what we’re trying
to sew. Once you’ve gone around and sewn on the entirety
of the eyeball, you’re gonna tie off your thread, so I’m going to do that by flipping
over the piece of felt and then going back through one of my stitches, so that creates
a little bit of a loop here. I’m gonna move my needle back through that
loop, which creates a second loop and I’m gonna go back through that one as well and
pull. That’s gonna create a knot that’s gonna hold
well enough for this finger puppet. I’m gonna snip off the bit of excess. So, on what Amy is doing, she’s cutting a
much longer piece of the yellow embroidery floss. A good rule of thumb, ha, for a finger puppet
is to cut it at least two times the length of your arm. So I’ve got mine, I’m going to go ahead and
thread my needle again. So I’m gonna take these two pieces together
and match them up as closely as I can and this is what I’m gonna end up sewing. Now the beginning and the end are the trickiest
bits, because again we’re gonna try and conceal the extra thread behind or within the finger
puppet, so my first shot, or my first stitch is gonna start between the two pieces of felt
and go up through the top. So I pull that guy all the way through, tuck
that stitch underneath and then I’m ready to really get started sewing around the entire
periphery of this finger puppet. What I’m going to do is go up through the
bottom and before I pull all of the thread through, I’m gonna leave that little bit of a loop
and I’m going to sew through the loop before doing it again. So again, this is a blanket stitch. We’re gonna go up through the bottom, before
we pull all the way through, we’re gonna leave that little bit of a loop and we’re gonna
take the needle through the loop. So we’re gonna do this around the entire edge
of the finger puppet. Make sure you leave the bottom part open so
you can fit your finger in. So now that we’re at the end of sewing the
body of the finger puppet, we’re ready to tie it off with a knot, we’re gonna do it
much the same way we did with the eyeball, except this time we’re going to focus on being
inside of the puppet. So I’m going to find one of my older stitches. I’m gonna go back through it. I’m gonna go through the loop that that created
and through a last loop. So now that we have the sewing finished, we’re
gonna put finishing touches on with our black permanent marker. So what I like to do for a minion, since their
eye is usually in these little goggle type things, I like to draw a border around the
white part of the eye, but just so you have a little bit of a border and then I like to
add the straps for the goggle. And what would your minion be without the
pupil of their eye. That’s what makes it recognizable and a little
bit of a smile. Thanks, Amy Koester for showing us how to
make finger puppets. They can be movie inspired like our minions,
for different holidays or seasonal themes, your favorite story, like Little Red Hen,
which will make an excellent gift or just for fun like our gnome. Visit us here in the BOOMbox and we’ll help
you get started or give it a try at home. “Who will help me bake the bread?” “Not I,” said the minion. “Not I,” said the turkey. “Not I,” said the gnome. “Then I will do it myself.”