How to Make Fabric Folders- Envelope style (TRAILER VIDEO)

Hi! I want to thank you for purchasing my
Envelope Fabric Folder Video Workshop. In this video I’ll be walking you through step-by-step
how to complete your own, completely customizable fabric folders. They make great gifts for
males, females, adults, kids, anybody all ages. And in my house I use them to organize
and sort the recipes that I print off of the internet. By playing around with your different
fabric options you can end up with some really different looking fabric folders. For now
let’s start with the supplies and materials we’ll need and we’ll jump right into making
your first fabric folder. You’re going to need to print out the flap template which
is included in your PDF. Then you’re also going to need some Pellon Craft-Fuse. You’ll
need a piece of fabric and then we’re going to be using some bias seam binding. So, you
have two different options. You can purchase some that’s already packaged. It comes in
solid colors at your local fabric store. Or you can make your own… and I have a tutorial
on how I make my own using Simplicity’s Bias Tape Maker and I’ve included that link in
the PDF that accompanies this workshop as well. You’re going to need some embroidery
floss or perle cotton. You can also use maybe some ribbon if you found some really thin
ribbon or some trim. That’s basically going to be used for our closure. So, the Pellon
Craft Fuse comes in a little roll and it measures 15″ wide… so, what I do is……