How to make Distressed jeans – DIY Distressed Jeans with fabric underlay (Hindi)

Hey, Welcome to Peej Fashion. If you want to wear a designer pair of jeans or you want to give a new look to your old ripped jeans by adding this underlay fabric then this video is for you. Ripped jeans or Distressed jeans is a lot in fashion these days we will add some fabric under it and make it even more fashionable. This is our ripped jeans. you can click on this video to watch our DIY Ripped Jeans Video. We would need some fabric of our choice, matching blue thread and needle, scissor, inch tape and a tailoring chalk. We need to place the fabric under this ripped part. We have taken plaid cotton fabric to do this. You can opt for any kind of fabric and color. We have placed our fabric under both the legs. Now we need to hold it with one hand and stitch it by other. Use a matching color thread and give it tiny stitches by hand. Please make sure to leave a little distance while you stitch. because we don’t want to stitch the threads of the ripped part also, we want a durable stitch. Cut the extra fabric from inside and fold & stitch it. It will look something like this. Now we want to fold one side of the leg and stitch the same fabric so we will mark the desired length and fold it. Now after we have folded the ankle, we will take a strip of fabric and stitch it. Ripped jeans or Distressed jeans or Torn Jeans, is a lot in fashion. We are taken it one step forward by adding this fabric. Moreover, if you live in a conservative environment where you avoid showing skin but still want to wear a designer pair of jeans, then I think you should do this DIY. Your denim pants would look like this. We had uploaded a Ripped shorts and a Ripped jeans Video too, you can check them out as well. Thanks for Watching.