how to make beautiful neck design gown πŸ’–πŸ’– cutting & stitching step by step in hindi

hello friend today we learn how to cutting gown & neck design. this is silk cotton half miter for choli. this is for down part of gown 2.5 miter. this is a aster cotton for inside of gown. now we cut choli. chest 38, length of choli (Top Part ) 15 inch double fold will Fold More Once like this from close side we w’ll do cutting. shoulder marking from close side here shoulder 14 inch so half of 14=7 inch + half .5 inch extra for margin half an inch extra added for margin arms hole 6.5 inch chest 38 size we marking here 1/4 part of 38=9.5 inch you can take 1.5 or 2 inch extra for margin roundness is 1.5 inches choli ( Top part ) length 15 inch, 1 inch extra for margin cut extra cloth 5 inch boat neck lenth 4.5 inch Roundness 2 inches you can take neck lenth according to your choise. shoulder half inch extra side cutting choli cutting ready we w’ll do side of frount part extra round of arm hole half .5 inch of frount part then Roundness 1 inch The Front of choli ( top part ) is to make the princess cut. for pricess cutt 3.5 inch 4.5 inch half of close side from close side 3.5 inch close side 9 inch here marking 4.5 inches match all of 3 point will do marking 1 inch wide & 3 inches up side. match like this. & cut both part ready frount & back of choli. now we w’ll do cutting of aster ( cotton ) double fold closed side of the closed side is to keep put frount part opposite side now cut cutting is ready now we will do cutting of gowns length 52 inches we take already 15 inch lenth of choli so 52 is total lenth here 52-15=37 + 1 inch extra for margin. cutting extra cloth now we w’ll fold & 1 more time fold 4th layered waist 36 & here we making 8 plets so 36 divide 8=4.5 inch add 1 inch extra for margin. 5.5 inch marking for plets from opposite 5.5 inch formula for plats size=waist size / no. of plats you want & add 1 inch for margin plats size 4.5 inch + 1 inch extra for margin match both point and cut this part joint we dont cut this plets if we cut from middle then once again we joint this so when we stitch then we w’ll do direct stitch from back side . its look like 2 plets like this you can cut aster (cotton for inside) aster length less then main gown fabric you can dicrease 3 inch of aster febbric cut extra aster and cut aster ( cotton ) Fabric cut aster plats now we wll do sleeves cutting arms hole length 8 inch + 1 inch extra for margin we have western out fit shop best quality stuff insta page w2w boutique please follow our page. i am waiting ur inbox. Textile double fold is to be folded once more because we have to do two sleeves cutting