How to Make a Rag Denim Quilt : Sewing on Binding for a Rag Denim Quilt

Once you get your binding piece completed,
we pressed and cut it of course, now we are going to pin it on to the quilt. You will
notice that I am on the wrong side or the back side of the quilt and I am pinning it
wrong side together so that this will also end up have a seam on the right side of the
fabric. So we will pin it all the way down here and sew this one on. Once again, we will
sew 1/2 inch seam. If you would like, at the beginning you can back tack. When you reach
a pin, pull the pin out. And continue sewing. Make sure you sew your seams flat open. Now
we have sewn on the horizontal binding but now we are going to do the vertical binding.
Prior to sewing vertical binding on, on either end, you want to turn the edges under and
fold them in. The last step of the binding would be to close this one open edge. Now
we have sewn the raw seam all the way to the edge here but we just have this folded edge
that we made before we sewed on the one side, the vertical bindings. So just place your
needle in the middle of the fold and we are just going to hand whip this together. Just
catching both sides a little bit.