How to Make a Rag Denim Quilt : Pinning & Sewing Bricks Together for a Rag Denim Quilt

In this step, we will need to take the clothes
pins off and pin the different sets of bricks together. Once you have lined up all six pieces
of fabric, you need to pin them. Now we’ve removed the clothes pin and we are going to
pin this in, probably, two places. Of course, keep the head of your pin out away from your
fabric so it is easy to pull off when you are sewing. Keeping in mind that wrong sides
are together in this case and we will have the seam coming to the right side of the fabric.
Once you whole row of blocks is pinned together, the next step of course is to sew it. Now
we are to sew a 1/2 inch seam. So line it up on your throat plate so that you have 1/2
inch seam gauged. If you would like to, you can back stitch and the beginning of the seam
for more strength. And as you approach the pin, pull the pin out. Clip your threads. You can even up the seams
if you would like. When you are sewing with six layers of heavy fabric, sometimes the
seams will seem a little bit uneven as you sew them.