How to Make a Rag Denim Quilt : Choosing Fabric for a Rag Denim Quilt

In this segment, we are going to talk about
fabric. The type of fabric that we need and the amount of fabric that we need; first of
all it should be all cotton fabric. The entire quilt should be made of cotton. When working
with denim, if you are purchasing the fabric, you will be purchasing two yards of dark,
light, light medium and dark medium. For the filler, we used flannel. Now you must use
a woven fabric for everything that you are doing in this process. You cannot use knits.
So the flannel worked very, very well for our filler. It can be flannel fabric that
you purchased from the store. And if you did purchase it from the store, you would need
8 5/8 yards. Or you could use a couple of old flannel blankets if you wanted to use
up something from home. The backing also needs to be all cotton and if you are purchasing
it by the yard, you will need 8 5/8 yards of backing fabric. If you would like to though,
which is what we did, we used two double flat sheets from the linen department. And they
were big enough to cut up the amount of bricks we needed.