How to Make a Quilted Table Runner : Sewing Strips for a Quilted Table Runner

Hi, welcome to Expert Village, I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we’re going to make a fancy four patch table runner. Okay, in this segment
we are going to sew our strips together to start piecing our blocks with. So we are going
to match them right side and right side of the fabric together and we are going to sew
on the wrong side of the fabric. So we get them matched up nice and straight, take them
to our machine, we are going to use a quarter inch seam allowance, which also happens to
be the width of the presser foot, and we’re going to go ahead and sew these together.
As you’re stitching these you’re going to want to make sure they are lined up nice and
even on the edge. And we are going to repeat this on the second strip also. So we end up
with two strips sewn together like such. I’m going to show you how to iron the strips once
we’ve sewn them. You’re going to open the fabric face down or right side down on the
ironing board and we are going to press the seam allowance to the dark fabric. So from
the front side it doesn’t show through on the lighter fabric. Once you’ve done the back
side just go ahead and flip it to the front and make sure it looks nice and even.