How to Make a Quilted Table Runner : How to Quilt a Table Runner

Hi, welcome to Expert Village, I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we’re going to make a fancy four patch table runner. In this segment we
are going to quilt our runner so that it’s nice and held together and it doesn’t separate
and it also just adds a dimension of three dimensionalism to it. So we’re going to slide
this under the machine. We’re going to do a very simple quilting on our diagonal lines
that are running through here.
Since this is so thick we want to make sure we help pull it through the machine. Go ahead and clip these threads and this is
the one time we’re going to clip these threads nice and long. And we go back to the top and
come down again. You want to make sure you continue going in a same direction on this.
So we’re not going to flip it around and sew up and down like this, we want to keep coming
in straight lines in this direction. Sometimes it helps to roll this so feeds through the
machine nicely and has space, that way it doesn’t get stuck if it’s all bunched up.
We’ll start at the top, pull it through and we’re not merely just guiding here.