How to Make a Paperback Book Caddy : How to Embroider a Paperback Book Caddy

Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. Okay, now
I’ve finished sewing on my handle straps. After you sew your handle straps, it’s a good
time to personalize if you want to embroider something on this. I’ve embroided a heart
and I wrote I love books using some buttons to help embellish it. Now, I got the nice
heart shape without drawing on my fabric because I didn’t want any lines there. I just cut
out a little heart and I pinned it down, and then I sewed around the outside of the heart.
That’s how I got such a nice shape. Then I just freehand sewed the letters and sewed
on the buttons wherever I liked it. So the best place to any personalization is right
below where the handles are loose because this part we’ll be folding down. So you want
to do it right where the handles are sewn, just a little bit below that. If you fold
it in half, you can see that’s where it’s going to be folded and the book will go in
like this. That’s where your personalization would be.