How to make a no sew purse

Hi I’m Angel with Today I’m
going to show you how make a no sew hobo. No lie, no sewing required. For this pattern
you will need the following. You will need the free PDF pattern that’s available on,
all printed out. 2/3 yard of fleece. 2/3 yard of netting and this is optional and scissors.
Alright now that you have all the materials you will need, it’s time to get started. You’ll need to assemble the pattern. Instructions
are available on’s channel. When cutting the fringe and I do recommend
that you pre-cut the fringe because it will be easier, cut all the way down the black
line to the outline of the pattern. Once you’ve assembled and cut out your pattern,
it’s time to cut out the fabric. Cutting out this pattern nicely is crucial for this pattern
working properly. Please take your time when cutting out this pattern. When cutting out
this pattern, cut out the entire outline first then go back and cut your slits. It will be
easier. Cut out one of the purse body and one of the handle. If you want to use netting,
cut out an additional purse body from the netting. Great now that you’ve cut out all the pieces,
it’s time to start tying. Now it’s time to tie the purse together. Take one of the handle where the fringe is
and taking one side of the purse, matching up the first strand with the first strand,
tie them together using a square knot or a bow. Tie all the way down one side and do the same
on the opposite side and then tie the bottom. And that’s it! Fast, simple, and very cute.
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be sure to check us out there and have a great day. Remember velvet is pretentious. Fleece
is fun.