How to Make a Garment Bag : How to Sew Ribbon Trim to Front of Garment Bag

This is Vicki Walker for Expert Village. In
continuing as we make our garment bag we have applied the ribbon. Just pinning it on and
now I would sew down the edges of the ribbon to my fabric. Sewing first on the top edge
and then I would go back in a moment and sew the bottom edge. There is many variation of
garment bags that would be equally as pretty depending on the signification or the age
or interest of the person that this bag is going to be for. Again it would make a nice
gift for someone of any age growing up or children to use a garment bag. Once we sew
the seams on the top and the bottom of the ribbon we would move onto the next step which
would be applying the other decoration which in this case is going to be letter on top
of the garment bag.