How To Make A Duvet Cover How To Put A Duvet On Your Comforter- Easy Sew Duvet

How To Make A Duvet Cover And How To Put It On Your Comforter winterize your bed hi i’ts AlaskaGranny prepper if you love down comforters then you know important to keep them clean and covered so I am going to show
you the simplest way ever to make a duvet cover to protect your down comforter and to help
keep you snug and warm in your bed at night you just need a few simple things I’m working on twin size comforters today so I what I were 2 twin sized
flat sheets and I like the look
of the all white so that’s why I chose white you get any
color you want I have some pins and scissors and then the basic sewing
machine that’s all you need for this project find a
find a nice big space where you can lay it out flat on the floor and then you wanna make sure to put the
right sides together for the pretty sides l then you want to pin it all the way up one side all the way across the top and down the other side then when you get to the bottom leave a spot about 2 feet in the middle leave that open so mark it to sew this way all the way up that way across the top down and to here and stop Leave this open to insert the comforter now you want to go to your sewing
machine and start where the two color
pins so you remember to leave that opening
put it underneath your machine you never wanna sew over your pins drop your presser foot then you want to
stitch forward and back to lock the stitches and
then you want to just follow stitch right over the seams that are already there make sure you take out your pins they break your
needle and jam up your machine sew across the bottom now when you get to a
corner with a needle down you lift your presser foot and turn your fabric keep a nice
sharp corner and keep going all the way up this side turn the corner at the top sew all the way across the top turn the corner sew all the way down the other side until you come to the pins that mark where to stop to leave your opening I can see my two colours I know that’s w here I want to stop
so I’m going to back stitch so it won’t unravel and then trim of the thread be sure you go back and trim the threads where you started
so that you don’t have any unruly spots on your duvet cover take your duvet cover and you want to go to the bottom opening reach all the way in until you find the 2 top corners get ahold of them like this grab the corners of your comforter into the corners of this grab the 2 make sure you have the top like that top this one has a shorter side and a long side this is the top and I am holding the corners with my sheet corners and shake it until you get it all turning the sheet inside out while you are doing that it is loading your comforter inside hold your corners shake shake shake until you get it all smoothed out comforter is safely encased make sure the corners on the bottom got all the way in these corners plop it on the bed keep it nice and clean and fresh comfy cozy ready for a snuggly warm evening with my down Comforter try making a duvet cover it’s so simple believe it and you
can get 2 colors of sheets if you want match with whatever your decor I just like the
white it’s fresh and everybody likes that fresh hotel look around here please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel