How to Make a Baby Bib : Picking Baby Bib Fabric

Hi. Welcome to Expert Village. I’m Gretchen
Soares with Butterfly Boutique. So today we’re going to be making crisscross bibs. They crisscross
in the back of the bib and they are fully reversible and the good thing about these
is that children have a tendency to not want to wear their bib and they yank it right off.
The ones that are just velcroed right here come off super easy. So this actually goes
on them, it crosses across their back and hooks under the arm on both sides. This guy’s
a little chubbier than the child would be so it’s not quite this tight on the child.
And then when they yank on it, it can’t go anywhere and we protect their clothing while
they eat. It’s also reversible so if we’re out and about, if they spill and you don’t
want your kid to look horrible, just flip it over and they look all cute again. So,
these are a great project. They’re quick, easy and they’re going to be a lot of fun
today. For this project we need to choose two pieces of fabric and we are going to use
flannel. Flannel is very soft to the texture, so it’s good for around children’s necks it’s
not going to chafe or cause any irritation. It’s also very washable. And because flannel
is made out of cotton, it’s pretty stain resistant. It’s easy to get stains out and we all know
how messy children are when they eat. So, for this project we’re going to make a little
boy’s bib. We picked this cute little dump truck and for the reverse side we’re going
to use the polka dots.