How to Make 3 Classic Children’s Toys : Children’s Puppet: Cutting Fabric

First we’ll cut our fabric for covering our
cup. Now you want to cut enough fabric so that there, lay your cup on the fabric so
that you have about an inch on the bottom hanging off. Then on the other side you’re going to be wrapping the cup with the
fabric and you want to leave about six or so inches on the top or depending upon the
size of your cup, about double the size of your cup. I’m just going to cut it off like
that, making sure we have enough to wrap around the cup and have a little overlap. Okay, and
just test it out here. That looks good. I’m going to just trim it a little bit to make
it straight here on the top. Next I want to turn down the edge, the top edge and I’m going
to just sew carefully. First I’m going to press this; this fabric is not holding flat.
I’ll press it, and I’m going to sew just a simple in and out stitch along the top so
that we can gather it later. So I’ve threaded my needle, and I’m just going to put my needles,
just sew in and out, in fairly large stitches all along the top and this will become our
gather line. You want to come down about a half inch from the top and in the end, we’ll
gather that around the neck of the puppet. So pull it through and I’m going to cut off
my thread here from the needle and then just put a knot on the end of this side. So I have
a knot on one side and a knot on the other side, and then later we’ll want to gather
it up like this.