How to Iron Clothes : How to Iron Synthetic Fabrics

Hi this is Vickie Pavone on behalf of Expert
Village in this clip we’re going to talk about ironing delicates and synthetic fabrics. First
thing to remember is always turn your fabric inside out this will protect the fabric from
burns and make easy to iron. The second step is to get it nicely flat on your ironing board
and get your ironing cloth. Never want to iron the fabric directly you always want to
have an ironing cloth, starting at the top your going to use small circular motions,
go all the way down the length of the towel or fabric that your using and then just it
to the bottom. Starting at the top once again small circular motions keep your iron in motion
at all time so it’s not to burn your fabric, all the way to the bottom, start at the top
and come to the bottom when your ready to move you want to hold from both sections and
pull it around, making sure thats its flat as you lay it down. Once again your going
to take your cloth, starting at the top small motions keeping your iron in motion. And do
this repeat this pattern all the way around top to bottom all the way, gently pull your
piece of fabric off and now you have a nicely iron synthetic skirt.